The match between the Lakers and the Trail Blazers has become a tense match like the conference final from the first match. The 8th place of the West Conference, the Blazers have lost 35 wins and 39 losses in the regular season, but they are in great shape in the “Bubble” and have won the right to challenge the Lakers by winning the play-in. He won five games with a single digit difference in a row without losing any, and he was absolutely confident in his last-minute game strength.

A two-digit lead at the end of the first quarter. After that, there was a counterattack from the Lakers, mainly Lebron James, but the Blazers had a lot to do in the final stage of the melee.

CJ McCullam screwed in a three-pointer with a score of 81-87 and six points behind in the fourth quarter and a half, and Damian Lillard scored a deep three. It reverses at once with -87.

During this time, the Lakers’ offensive will not work. Danny Green missed a free three-pointer shot, and Anthony Davis and LeBron all missed two free throws. The Blazers, who rotate with only eight people, should have never had an easy time due to foul troubles, but they overwhelmed the Lakers with a performance that did not make them feel tired.

When Hassan Whiteside stopped the Lakers in consecutive blocks, Lillard, which became a symbol of deep three more than Steph Curry, shoots through the rim with a super long shot from near the logo in the center of the court. The remaining time was more than 3 minutes, and the Blazers had only three points, but the flow remained the same. Lillard assisted Carmelo Anthony’s three-point shot from the pick and roll with Yusuf Nurkić, even if Lebron was matched up. Lillard then managed to pass the double team and pass the pass to Garry Trent Jr.’s three-pointer.

The score didn’t widen until the end, but the Lakers had their fighting spirit cut off, and there was no effective counterattack in the last minute. At the end, everyone was able to easily pry Lillard’s defense of a standing pole, and the match was decided by Nurquich’s dunk.

Lillard scored 34 points and 5 assists, and although Stats was a little modest for him, his presence on the court was greater than anyone else. Still, he emphasizes that it is a victory that the whole team grasped, “It is the result of everyone’s hard work.”

“I would like you to pay attention to the fact that various players are active in each match. Melo (Carmelo) decides a big shot in an important scene, and GT (Trent Jr.) also decides a match against Mabs. That’s true for me as well, and Yusuf took a rebound in an important scene to make a free throw, as well as CJ, of course, a lot of players have done the work of deciding the match, so we are not in a hurry when it comes to a close game at the end. “We’ve gone through tough battles so far and we won’t lose our trust in them.”

Lillard also praised the success of Whiteside, who had a weak presence in the regular season. “The Lakers paint area had powerful players like AD (Davis), (Javer) Maggie, Dwight (Howard), and we needed a player who couldn’t lose to them. Block and rebound helped the team There couldn’t have been a victory today without his presence.

LeBron James is an irreplaceable player, and the length of play time is often talked about, but Lillard (average 37.5 minutes, league first place) is the longest standing on the court in this league, McCallum ( It averages 36.5 minutes, second place). In terms of “trust,” commander Terry Stotts does not try to lower them to the bench no matter what they do. They are entrusted with the game, and they also respond to it.

“I can see that Terry trusts us because it gives us freedom to play. It’s not just me and CJ, but also Wengen Gabriel, who started today on behalf of Zack (Collins) today. I’ve been able to play stress-free thanks to the head coaches who gave me the top time in the league and the right to play freely when I was a rookie, and I think it should be appreciated.”

Lillard said he was “not tired” even after finishing the play-in with Grizzlies. He played 43 minutes on that day too, but he was used to it. Rather, it may be “Dame Time” after more than 40 minutes.

After taking an important first playoff game, Lillard clearly answered NO when asked, “Can you think you can lose one?” “In the playoffs, the team that wins four wins first, but I never thought I could lose one. I’m always thinking about expanding my lead. The Lakers are the best teams in the league and the west first It’s one seed, it’s going to be an even tougher fight, but I’m not worried because I know this team very well. I’m proud to have won one, but everyone is changing their minds. You don’t have to say “I haven’t done anything yet.” Check out the challenges you face in today’s match and make improvements in the next match. By doing so, you’ll only think you’ll win again.”

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