Usain Bolt (33), a Jamaican runner and who has won the 100-meter race in 3 consecutive Olympics, can change his decision to retire. He said he would return to the track if his former coach, Glenn Mills, called. Bolt, an 8-time Olympic medalist, said in a video interview to a magazine that he had no intention of returning, but the coach would say that everything would be possible.

Usain Bolt can change his decision to retire said - Coach, I will return to the track

Bolt, an 11-time world champion, retired in 2017 after the London World Championship. Bolt won the silver medal in the last tournament.

Bolt had a world record in the 100 meter race, and Bolt completed the 100 meter race in 9.58 seconds and 200 meter race in 19.19 seconds. This is a world record. Bolt won 8 golds in 3 Olympics. Of these, 2 were won at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, while 3–3 golds at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“I have full faith in the coach,” said Bolt, “if my coaches come back and tell me let’s do it again.” I will not refuse, because I trust my coach very much. I know, if they say we will do it again, I am confident that everything will be possible. ”

Becoming a father is more difficult than breaking the world record, Bolt said that he is trying to keep pace with life after becoming a father. His girlfriend Kaci Bennett gave birth to a daughter in May. Bolt and Bennett have been living together for 5 years. The runner said that becoming a father is more difficult than breaking the world record. He said that I used to watch the daughter throughout the night. Due to this, I had fallen ill within the first week. July 8 was Bennett’s birthday. Bolt shared a photo of Bennett and daughter congratulating him on the occasion.

Tokyo Olympics to be held next year Tokyo Olympics was to be held from July 24 this year, but was postponed due to coronavirus. Now these games will be from 23 July to 8 August next year. If Bolt makes a comeback, he can retire after the Tokyo Games. Along with the comeback, defending champion Bolt will also be under pressure to perform well.

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