Former West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding became emotional while speaking on racial discrimination with his parents during a live show the day after he lectured on apartheid. The incident happened on Sky News’ chat show.

West Indies Fase Bowler Michael Holding Breaks Down While Talking About Racism His Parents Faced

Holding told Sky News that this emotional side came to the fore when I started thinking about my parents. I know how much my parents have suffered and the times they have gone through. My mother’s family stopped talking to her because her husband was dark in color. I know what kind of difficulties he faced and I remember it all of a sudden.

The fight against apartheid is not easy: Michael Holding

The former fast bowler further said that I know that the fight against apartheid is not easy. Even if we are moving at a slow pace. But I am hoping that it will continue to move in the right direction.

Education system increases negativity against blacks

Earlier Holding had said that when I talk about education, I mean history. People have to understand that these things are 100 years old. He said that the education system has filled the minds of the people against blacks negatively and their contribution to the development of humanity never got that place.

Players Supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement

Opposition to apartheid has intensified since the death of a African-born citizen of America, George Floyd, at the hands of a white police officer. Since then, the Black Lives Matter movement has been run around the world and England-West Indies players have also supported it by kneeling before the first Test.

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