WG Grace

The price of the match ticket was determined by the player’s play or not. Even today it is written on the door of a cricket ground in England – ‘Cricket match admission 3 pence, if WG Grace Pledge admission 6 pence.’ That is, 3 pence to watch a cricket match (English coins), if WG Grace plays 6 pence. Now you must have understood, it is being talked about WG Grace, who is called ‘Father of Cricket’.

W. G. Grace was born in Bristol, London, today (18 July) in 1848. Fantastic all-rounder – Apart from being a clever batsman, a clever bowler, Grace was known as ‘Champion’ or ‘Doctor’ surnames, but his biggest identity was his long beard. Modern cricket is the gift of GG Grace. Or in other words, Grace is the creator of cricket.

In those days when only a few test matches were played, at that time, Grace started her Test career at the age of 32. Which was also England’s first Test match on their own soil. In that Test played at the Oval in 1880, Grace had scored 152 runs.

Grace had an amazing ability to understand the ball quickly while batting. Alfred Shaw once said of him, “I used to put balls wherever he wanted and this old man had the ability to hit him wherever he wanted.” Grace was also very ‘moody’. He never liked being out.

The story related to him is also that he was probably the first batsman in the cricket world to continue his innings by keeping the gills back when he was bold. Actually, after being bold, he put Bells back on the stumps and started playing again. Nobody dared to argue with him. A mischievous nature, Grace had a habit of throwing pebbles at the flying sparrows, which was said to be the reason for his good fielding and bowling.

He was 51 when Grace played his last Test. In 22 Tests, Grace scored 1098 runs at an average of 32.29. In which he also scored two centuries and took a total of 9 wickets at an average of 26.22.

In first-class cricket, Grace scored 54,211 runs at an average of 39.45, including his 124 centuries. Apart from this, he also took a total of 2809 wickets from an average of 18.14 while bowling round arm and then over arm slow and medium-slow leg breaks. During this, the act of taking all 10 wickets of the innings with 49 runs was also done.

Because of this, doctors were called

  • His father Henry Mill Grace was a doctor and wanted to make him a doctor too. So in 1868 Grace enrolled in Bristol Medical College. Due to his continuous playing cricket, it took him 11 years to pass the medical examination. And since then, they have been called doctors.
  • Grace was the captain of England in the last 13 of his 22 Test matches. He died on 23 October 1915 from a heart attack during an air strike in Kent during the First World War. He was buried three days later.

These are the amazing records of Grace

  • The act of scoring the first two triple centuries in first class cricket

First cricketer to complete 50 thousand runs in first class cricket

  • First batsman to score century in first class cricket
  • Apart from the record of making the first century in England, the first English cricketer to score a century in debut.


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