In the world of WWE Wrestling, whenever it comes to champions, the names of superstars like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The Rock comes first. But there is also a title of WWE which these superstars have not won till date. At the same time, there is also a wrestler who has made a record by winning this title of WWE 38 times. We are talking about the WWE 24/7 Championship.

WWE Superstar R Truth, known for his style and agile stakes, has won the 24/7 championship for the 38th time. This is the largest record yet. No one has won this title before 38 times. R Truth defeated Akira Tozawa and won the 24/7 Championship title.

You can win 24/7 championship by fighting anywhere

Wrestlers can win the WWE 24/7 championship by fighting anytime and anywhere. For this it is not necessary that it should be won inside the ring. According to the rules, be it a wedding event, park, bus, train, plane, car parking, golf course, toilet or school live event, wrestlers can win it anywhere. In such a situation, the front wrestler cannot say that I am not ready for wrestling right now.

The journey of this WWE Championship launched on 20 May 2019 has been very exciting so far. This R Truth has named this championship 38 times in a very interesting way. He has named this title after defeating the opposing winner in the park, in the private bed room, on the plane and in the car parking.

In 2019, Wrestler Drake Maverick also had this title but he could not imagine that he would lose this belt on his wedding day. In fact, at his wedding ceremony, R Truth reached out and chit him and got the title in his name. Titus O’Neill was first captured on this 24/7 title. Many big superstars have named this championship so far including names like Indian wrestler Jinder Mahal, Singh Brothers, Robert Rudd, Ilayas.


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