Yuki Togashi won the SHOWCASE by taking advantage of the collaboration with Ryusei Sasayama

Togashi “It’s the first time to stand on the court together”

On August 16th, you played a big role at “BASKETBALL ACTION2020 SHOWCASE”, where Japanese representatives from each category gathered at Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium. It was a SHOWCASE by a five-person men’s representative from Japan.

The participating members are as follows.

Team Action
Head Coach Julio Lamas
Assistant Coach Kenichi Sako

Yuki Togashi (PG/Chiba Jets)
Naoto Tsuji (SG/Kawasaki Brave Sanders)
Shin Hiejima (SG/Utsunomiya Brecks)
Ryusei Shinoyama (PG/Kawasaki Brave Sanders)
Rei Bendramé (PG/Sun Rockers Shibuya)
Kosuke Takeuchi (PF/ Utsunomiya Brex) Kosuke
Hashimoto (SF/Toyama Grouses)
Taiga Komamizu Jack (PF/Osaka Evessa)
Shafer Avi Yuuki (C/Sea Horse Mikawa)
*Hiejima, Takeuchi, and Bendame are only available on a bench due to conditions.

Team Power
Head Coach Erman Mandore
Assistant Coach Yoshikazu Suzuki

Isaiah Murphy (SG/Hiroshima Dragon Flies)
Yudai Nishida (SG/Tokai University 4 years)
Takuya Hashimoto (SG/Osaka Evessa)
Kota Yamamoto (C/
Sanen Neo Phoenix) Aren Yamura (PF/Tokai University 3 years) )
Kojima Eriette Sea (PF/Osaka Evessa)

Demonstrate the offensive power and become the key player in victory

Japan Women’s National Team carried over the SHOW CASE score, and Team Power started 56-49 with the match starting.

Team Power is composed mainly of young players, but if they preempt it with the cooperation of Yamura and Nishida’s Tokai University team, they will continue to lead with a play full of youth. In particular, Murphy mass-produced a three-point shot to attack the ring, and aggressively scored points. On the other hand, Team Action started to catch up with Togashi, who was in the middle of the game, creating a rhythm, but there were many turnovers, and the final quarter was reached with 69-74 and behind.

It was a team action that was inferior, but Togashi and Sasayama’s two guards changed the course. Togashi sank a 3-point shot from the screen and sank the pull-up middle, and Togashi’s kick-out resulted in Tsuji’s 3-point shot and succeeded in reversing. Sasayama also dribbled the 3-point shot and showed the match with Togashi to expand the lead. In addition, from the pick and roll, Shafer, who matched Togashi’s back-behind pass, struck the dunk and put the difference in two digits at a stretch.

Team Action, who has a long day in terms of cooperation, kept the lead and won 96-86. Togashi said about the two-guard with Sasayama who called for victory.

“I don’t think both of us have the same size point guards, so I think it’s the first time to stand on the court together. I don’t think this kind of appointment would be easy, but Argentina also has a lot of time when two guards are used, I’m really looking forward to it if there is one in the future, especially since Shinoyama’s movements to match other people are very easy to do, so I think it would be nice to have this kind of time again.”

Togashi said, “I don’t feel like I’m hungry for the game, I want him to settle down quickly,” but after all, the match was exceptional after a long time. “It’s been a long time, and of course it was fun. I realized that there are many people who enjoy this kind of way, so I was more excited about the season.”

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