10 Safest Cars For Indian Roads Under 15 Lakh Mahindra Tata Motors Dominate The List

Global car safety agency Global NCAP has released a list of cars made in India. The agency has certified them as the safest cars. There are a total of 38 cars in this list, with the maximum being made by Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra. These are the 10 safest Indian cars in the list…

1. Mahindra XUV300 SUV

As per tests conducted by Global NCAP since 2014, the Mahindra XUV300 is the safest Indian car on the road. The SUV has won Global NCAP’s first ‘Safe Choice’ award, which is awarded only to automakers who achieve the highest level of safety performance for cars sold in India. The SUV achieved a 5 star rating in adult occupant protection and a 4 star rating in child occupant protection. This was the highest Combine Safety rating of any car tested in the #SaferCarsForIndia campaign of Global NCAP.

2. Tata Ultraz Hatchback

Tata Motors’ Ultraz hatchback received a 5-star rating by Global NCAP during the crash test. A car tested by Global NCAP is considered safe upon receiving 5 stars. Standard forward, there are two airbags. Ultros has received a lot of praise for its stable structure. Global NCAP reported that the head and neck get good protection in the car, the two adults sitting on the front seat get good chest protection.

3. Tata Nexon

Tata Motor’s compact SUV Nexon received 4 stars from the Global NCAP based on crash test results done by the UK based Vehicle Safety Group. The compact SUV was rated 4 stars for adult protection and 3 stars for child protection, while its body structure was also given a stable rating.

4, Tata Tigor

Tigor scored 4 stars for Adult Protection and 3 Star for Child Protection in the Global NCAP Crash Test. Two airbags have been provided in the front for safety in Tigor. The car gets an 1199 cc engine, which generates power of 85 bhp. Its price ranges from Rs 5.75 lakh to Rs 7.49 lakh.

5. Tata Tiago

Like Tigor, Tiago also received a 4 star rating for adult protection and a 3 star for child protection. Both the Tigor and Tiago get two front airbags. However its structure was rated unstable. There is good protection in the head and neck of the adult sitting in the car. The chest of the passenger also gets adequate protection while it is slightly lower for the driver. Knee injuries can occur due to an accident due to the back structure.

6. Volkswagen Polo Hatchback

Volkswagen Polo hatchback ranked 6th among India’s safest cars. This rating was obtained through the 2014 Global NCAP Crash Test. The agency said that the head and neck of the driver and passenger are well protected and the entire credit goes to the airbags. In case of an accident, the chest of the driver and passenger gets adequate protection. However, in case of an accident, both front passengers sitting ahead of the dashboard may suffer injuries in their knees.

7. Mahindra Marajo MPV

Marajo was crash tested in 2018. Global NCAP reported that there is good protection on the head and neck of the driver and passenger. The driver’s chest showed marginal protection while the passenger’s chest received adequate protection. A child seat for a 3-year-old child was installed front-end with the help of ISOFIX, which appeared weak during the test to withstand the forward movement but was successful in protecting the chest.

8. Toyota Etios Hatchback

Toyota Motor launched the Etios hatchback in India 10 years ago. Later, it also launched a sedan version of the hatchback named Liva. The Etios Hatchback was tested by Global NCAP in 2016 and placed 8th on the list. Global NCAP reported that the front-end impact during crash tests provides good protection by both the driver and passenger airbags and seatbelt. Although the front structure can cause knee injuries. Child seats for another five-year-old child were able to prevent the accessive forward movement during the test.

9. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

According to Global NCAP, Maruti Suzuki’s sub-compact SUV Brezza ranks 9th in the list of safest Indian cars. The company has launched an updated model of SUV this year with new safety features, which is yet to undergo global NCAP test. However, the previous generation Vitara Brezza received the same rating as the Tata Zest. Global NCAP said that the head and neck of the driver and passenger get good protection. The driver gets marginal chest protection while the passenger gets good chest protection. During the test from the front, there is marginal protection in the driver’s knees and good protection in the passenger’s knees. Body structure is also rated stable.

10. Tata Zest

Tata’s compact sedan Zest is 10th in this list. The car was first introduced at the Auto Expo in 2014 with its hatchback variant Tata Bolt. In the first crash test, Zest did not do anything amazing. After which it made many changes in Tata. In the second crash test in 2016, Zest achieved a 4 star rating in adult protection and a 2 star rating in child protection. Global NCAP stated that the airbag provides adequate protection to the driver’s head during the test. However, the dashboard can cause knee injuries.

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