Nowadays the number of workfrom homes, virtual meetings, online education and digital transactions has increased but it is very important to know how to use it safely. So use the smartphone in a smart way, so that the cyber can avoid crimes and keep themselves safe.

Keep the necessary apps

How many of us download apps on mobile without thinking. We do not read their terms and conditions. Some apps violate our privacy rights. Therefore, we should make habit of using smart phones safe.

Do not share password and PIN

Change your passwords from time to time. Use caution if you keep the phone’s GPS on. With the help of this, your location can be easily detected. Avoid keeping important information in mobile. Avoid sharing information about passwords and PINs etc. with anyone or apps. Always keep a difficult password which is difficult to crack. Use a debit card when making an online payment.

Do not keep important data in mobile

Keep the screen lock of your mobile and do not store important information like files, passwords, PINs, bank related information etc. in the mobile. Keep balance at least in whatever bank account you use for internet banking, so that you get the least loss in case of a hack.

Do surfing in private mode

Whenever we are surfing the internet, it gets saved or stored in the history of the browser which can be viewed later by anyone. If you want the web sites you visit to be confidential while surfing the internet, which no one can trace, then you can turn on the web browser in private mode or incognito mode. This mode prevents online activities from being stored. After this, if someone accesses your device, they will not be able to find out what you were doing on the Internet.

Take care of these things also

Before downloading any app, gather information about it.
Read people’s views about the app. Know its benefits and disadvantages.
For cyber security, download the app only after researching how much that app is capable of securing information.
Use any mobile app in your security network only. By adopting the habit of safe smart phone usage, you will be able to avoid crimes like cybercrime.
Use in a secure network

Nowadays, we do everything from home sitting by phone. Whether ordering food, booking a flight / train ticket, booking a cab, paying telephone or electricity bill, shopping, using apps for everyone. Use Secure Network for this.


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