Facebook is now rolling out new features to compete with the video calling platform Zoom. Now one such new feature has been added to Messenger which is similar to Zoom video calling platform.

Faacebook New Feature

Now you will be able to share the screen during video calling also in Messenger. This feature will be given in the Messenger app of Android and iOS. Under this, you will be able to share the screen with each other during group video call or one on one video call.

It is worth noting that the demand for video calling platform has increased rapidly since the lockdown that started after the coronavirus epidemic. In this sequence, Facebook also started the group video calling service room of Messenger.

This new screen sharing feature, it can be used during video calling with 8 people. With this, if you talk about rooms, you can share the screen with 16 people here.

Talking about the screen share feature given in Messenger, under this you will be able to show the screen of your smartphone to the people taking part in video calling. For example, if you are watching a video or have a presentation, then you will be able to share it with people connected in group calling through screen sharing.

This feature of screen sharing will not only be available in the mobile app, while it can also be used on the messenger room web. That is, by doing this you will be able to share your computer screen as well.

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