In connection with the investigation into the riots in Delhi last year, the Delhi Government’s Peace Committee has sent a notice to Ajit Mohan, Vice President of Facebook India. Ajit Mohan has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against this notice. During the hearing on this matter, Ajit Mohan told the Supreme Court that it is better to remain silent in today’s noisy environment.

After this argument of Ajit Mohan, the Supreme Court has reserved its decision on this matter. The Delhi Committee is investigating the role of Facebook in relation to hate speech during the riots in North Delhi last year. He summoned Ajit for question and answer.

3 arguments given by Facebook in the
Supreme Court 1. In the Supreme Court, senior advocate Harish Salve argued on behalf of Ajit. He said that investigation of the case related to law and order does not come under the purview of Delhi Legislative Assembly.
2. The matter of law and order in the country’s capital Delhi comes under the purview of the Center. In such a case, the formation of a committee in this matter is not the job of the Delhi Legislative Assembly.
3. In this way the extension of powers from the back door should not be allowed. It is better to remain silent in today’s noisy environment. It should be left to my client whether they want to go before the committee or not.
Arguments of Delhi Assembly and Center
Abhishek Manu Singhvi responded in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. He said that Delhi Legislative Assembly has the right to send notice to anyone. On this, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta from the Center said that the committee is giving law and order its jurisdiction, while it is under the central government. Earlier also, the Center had argued in the Supreme Court that the issue of law and order is not the jurisdiction of Delhi Legislative Assembly.


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