Facebook will once again bring a new feature in Tiktok competition will be different from reels

Since the ban of Tiktok app, a huge market space has been vacant in India, to fill this, many companies have launched video making app like Tiktok. However, no other app has got that much popularity like Tiktok. Facebook had earlier launched the Reels feature in Tiktok’s competition in India through its subsidiary Instagram. However, this Facebook app also did not achieve that much success. In such a situation, a new feature will be launched by Facebook once again in the competition of Tiktok. This new feature will come in the main feature of Facebook itself. But this feature will be different from Instagram’s Reels feature. Social media app Facebook may launch new feature soon. Testing of this feature is underway. 

You will get these features 

Facebook’s new feature will get an interface like Tiktok, where users will be able to watch short videos and by swiping up, users can watch videos one after the other. In this feature, users have also been given the option of Create Short Video, on which the Facebook camera opens. However, no specific information has been provided by Facebook about this feature at the moment. But according to leaked reports, new users can choose their favorite audio clips and make videos. Also many creative filters can be added.

Tiktok ban in view of national security 

Before that, India had banned 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok for national security concerns. After this, US President Trump has also issued an order to ban Tiktok app in the US in view of national security. In such a situation, the path of Tiktok App Ban can be cleared in the next 45 days.

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