Good news for travelers Google added travel features on its platform

 American tech company Google has launched several travel features for the convenience of travelers in the Corona era. Through these features travelers can easily plan their journey. Also, passengers will get information about the availability of hotels and flights from these features. Apart from this, the company has added a feature called Free Cancellation to its platform, so that passengers will be able to get information about hotels with refund options. At the same time, Google says that in this difficult time, these travel features will be very useful for travelers.

According to Google’s official blog post, the company has added travel trends to its platform keeping in mind the Corona transition, which will benefit passengers a lot. With this feature, passengers will get information about where percent of hotels are open and how many flights are available where they are going. At the same time, this feature will be released to all users by next week.

This is how hotels and flights will get information 

According to the expert, when users search on Google for travel, they will get information about the availability of hotels and flights here. Apart from this, users will also be given information about Corona Infections along with hotels and flights. With the help of the company’s new feature, users will be able to know whether the place where you are planning to travel or the hotel is safe. How many hotels are available during your trip there. So that you can choose the best among them.

The Anywhere School 

Google has launched The Anywhere School initiative before the travel feature. By this, children will not have to bear the burden of studies. Also, 50 new features have been given in this initiative, which are more secure than Google Meat and Classroom. At the same time, the company will soon introduce breakout room and attendant tracking, which will greatly benefit the school and children.

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