Google Map Update:  Google Map is going to change a lot in the coming days. Now the world of your Google Map will become more colorful as well as more detailing of things will be found on Google Map. Google has announced changes to Google Map in its blog. According to Google, the company will use the new color mapping algorithm technology, which will give people clean details of lake, sea, green forest, beach on the Goole Map. The company has rolled out this update to users from 220 countries with immediate effect. 

What will be the benefit

According to the company, with the new technology, users will be able to find the location of big city, small town or village. After the new changes, the forests will be depicted through dark green color, the grassland is light green and the snow cap of the hills. However, new technology will not be limited only to nature. In the new technology, road, road side walk and pedestrian road and traffic will be shown in different colors. This will help the users to understand an area, even if the user is planning to go there or is exploring virtually. Google said that the map contains more than 98 percent of the world’s satellite imagery. Google will begin preparing road maps in London, New York and San Francisco in the coming months. The company will expand Road Map to more cities in the coming days. 

Get updates like this 

Users have to first update their app from Google Play Store to get new updates from Google. Only then will Google’s new update be used. After the new update, the use of Google Map will be more exciting than before. Also, it will be easy to get information about traffic and other locations in the Kovid-19 era. 

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