Instagram QR Code:  Facebook and Instagram has started rolling out QR codes. The company’s QR code support will be world wide. Meaning users will be able to access it in any country. The Instagram QR Code can be scanned from any camera app and the user’s profile can be visited without opening Instagram.

Instagram QR code started a year ago in Japan 

The Instagram QR code was launched a year ago in Japan. However in the rest of the world countries this feature has now been rolled out. Instagram QR Code Support Face Wise will start getting available in India. In such a situation, some Instagram users may have to wait for this. 

Instagram QR Code will be useful for business

This feature of Instagam will give a lot of convenience to the people who are associated with the business world. Instagram users can print the dissolved QR code on their business card and it can be scanned and accessed directly on their Instagram handle. These days shopping is also done from Instagram and people promote their business here. 

Generate like this Instagram QR Code

  • First of all update Instagram from Google Play Store
  • Then open the Instagram account and go to the Setting option
  • Here you will get the option of QR Code, click on it
  • You will get an image of QR code with your username as soon as you tap
  • From here you can share the QR Code with anyone.
  • Instagram has also provided some features with QR Code, under which you can customize the background of the QR code of your profile. Also, the background image of the QR code can also be changed. You can also set the background image of the QR Code with your selfie. 
  • After customizing you can save it in the gallery from Upper Light Corner or share it with anyone. 

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