Apple, a premium smartphone maker, is preparing to manufacture the iPhone 12 series domestically in India. However, now Indians will have to wait a long time for the Made in India iphone 12 series smartphone. The iphone 12 series can be launched in India by the middle of next year.

Apple will hire 10,000 people

Apple’s Taiwan contract manufacturers Wriston have started production of the new iPhone at the company’s Narasapura plant in Bengaluru. The company has invested around Rs 2,900 crore in this plant and Wriston plans to hire around 10,000 employees in this new plant. The plant will start functioning fully by October this year. Presently, there are about 1000 employees working in this plant. The iPhone 12 has recently joined the Make in India campaign. Assembling iPhone 11 has recently started at Apple’s Foxconn plant from Chennai. With this, the Apple company will start assembling the iPhone SE 2020 by the end of this year.

Iphone 12 launch event will be held on October 12

Currently, the company has started production of iPhone 6s and iPhone XR domestically. Apple is encouraging domestic manufacturing of iPhones in India. This will not make the iPhone manufacturer’s dependence on China. Domestic manufacturing may reduce iPhone prices in India. Also, the company will not have to pay 22% import duty. The iPhone 12 will be the fastest flagship iPhone model to be assembled in India. Apple has announced to launch the iphone 12 series a few weeks late this year. The launch event of iPhone 12 will be on October 12 this year.


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