Many smartphones give all kinds of permissions to user apps without thinking. They probably don’t know what data the app can extract from them. A new research has revealed what kind of personal information apps can extract when location tracking is turned on. Two researchers from the University of Bologna and London told how dangerous it can be to allow an app to track location.

Researchers took the help of a special app,
for this researchers created an app named ‘TrackingAdvisor’, which continuously collects the user’s location data. Researchers told that the app can extract personal information through location data. Not only this, the app can also take feedback from the user to confirm that the information is correct.
Researchers at the University of Bologna said that users remain unaware of the risk of certain permissions given to apps and services, especially when it comes to location tracking. Through the TrackingAdvisor app used in the study, researchers found out what kind of personal information the app extracted from the user and how sensitive they were. There is also an important role of machine learning technology, which collects sensitive information such as the user’s location, their habits, interests and personality.

69 users included in the
study 69 users included in the study used the TrackingAdvisor app for at least two weeks. The app monitored more than 2 lakh locations, identified around 2,500 locations and collected around 5,000 personal information related to both demographics and personality. It is worth noting that the data collected contained information about the health, social and economic status of the users, caste and religion.
Researchers said that we wanted to show users what user’s data can be collected through location tracking. He also told that if you want to protect your data, then you can prevent apps from being allowed, after which no app will be able to steal the data.


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