PUBG Independence Day Challenge: Getting a chance to earn rewards

Online gaming platform PUBG has come up with a new challenge for the Indian player on the occasion of 74th Independence Day. PUBG Incredible India Independence Day Challenge is a new platform for gamers, where gamers will have a chance to win rewards for free. Also, gamers can purchase special patriotic packs of PUBG during this period.

The new challenge will continue till August 24 

PUBG’s new channel has gone live, which will continue till August 24. PUBG Incredible India Independence Day Challenge comes with many features just like the rest of the challenge. Here players will be able to visit the monuments of India playing the game. In this way they will have a chance to know and understand the monuments of the country. You can also complete your mission as well. In the challenge, the user will get to visit monuments like Taj Mahal, Charminar, Chennai Central, Mysore Palace, Gateway of India. They are specially designed for Independence Day. 

PUBG Independence Day Challenge Rules 

  • During the PUBG Independence Day Challenge, a gamer will be able to complete only three daily missions. 
  • PUBG will be listed daily quiz about India, by answering which gamers can win PUBG Mobile Flips. 
  • Flips are used to win the Play Flip, Match and Memory Game. 
  • If the player makes two consecutive card matches, he will be able to receive rewards continuously and for that parts of the memorial will be opened. If the cards do not match, the Flip will move back to its position.
  • Once the gamer completes the commemorative travel, they will be able to move on to the next round. 

Challenge mode 

PUBG Independence Day Challenge will bring many modes. Gamers will be able to enjoy the fantastic Journey Classic Mode, Fabulous Journey TDM Mode and Fabulous Journey Exciting Giveaways Mode. The Classic Mode Mission will begin on 20 August and will end on 2 September. The next TDM mode will bring daily matches and rewards for the player according to the player match. Rewards such as the Hand of Dual Set, Headgear and coupon creators will be available soon and users will be able to play this event from 25 August to 3 September. Apart from this, the gamer will get many rewards like Anarkali Set, AG, Classic Crate. 

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