#SaluteTheSoldier: Twitter releases special emoji for Independence Day

India is celebrating 74th Independence Day this time. In such a situation, everyone celebrates this special occasion in a special way. In this episode, on the special occasion of Independence Day this year, Twitter India has released a special emoji in honor of Indian forces. This emoji is a picture of the National War Memorial (National War Memorial), located near India Gate, New Delhi. The emoji’s design showcases the monument’s inner structure, the ‘Amar Chakra’.

Emoji will live till August 18 

India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will launch an emoji on the eve of Independence Day. The emoji will go live till August 18 and will be available in English and several Indian languages ​​such as Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati and Oriya. Indians from all over the world will be able to participate in the Independence Day conversation and hashtags #IndiaIndependenceDay, #FreedomDay, # சுதந்திரதினம், # یوم آزادی, # ಸ್ವಾತಂತ್ರ್ಯದಿನ, # ਸੁਤੰਤਰਤਾਦਿਵਸ, # Swatantrayday, # സ്വാതന്യദ്ര്യദിനം, # ସ୍ୱାଧୀନତାଦିବସ, # വ, #, স વ દ # IDay2020 will be able to celebrate with emoji using #NationalWarMemorial and #SaluteTheSoldier. 

Twitter account of National War Memorial launched 

Twitter India and the Ministry of Defense have dedicated this year’s Independence Day to the Indian forces. Twitter is also supporting the #SaluteTheSoldier, a special initiative of the Ministry of Defense that honors the lives of Indian soldiers. The Ministry has launched a separate Twitter account (@ salute2soldier) for the National War Memorial on its behalf.


Twitter said that we hope that this emoji will not only enhance the pride of Independence Day celebrations but also encourage Indians around the world to know more about the lives of India’s brave soldiers and to honor them. This is the 6th edition of the Independence Day emoji on Twitter India, which has featured creative symbols for the Ashoka Chakra, Red Fort, Indian National Flag during the past years.


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