Apple is working on a magnetically attached battery pack for new iPhones. This accessory will charge the handset wirelessly and this will give the company another attractive add on product. According to the report, Apple has been developing it for a year and it can be launched in the coming months.

This battery pack will be attached to the back of the battery pack iPhone 12 using the company’s MagSafe system. According to a person associated with this project, some prototypes of the battery pack will have a white rubber on the outside. The new accessory will be different from the Apple battery add ons of previous iPhones, which only provide additional battery life and do not function as a protective case.

Development slowed due to software issue The
magnetic attachment system in internal testing proved to be quite good for the charging unit but its development slowed down due to issues such as software and pack overheating. Therefore its development may be delayed. However, an Apple spokesperson has not commented on this.

Airpower mats had to be developed in 2019, the
hardware engineering department of the closed Apple is taking precautions to launch charging related accessories. In 2017, the company announced an AirPower mat that charged Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods earphones at the same time. But the product was never finally released and in 2019, its development was canceled due to an issue related to overheating.
Accessories and wearables have become a revenue boosting source for Apple. Airpods, Apple Watch, home speakers and related products generated nearly $ 13 billion, or 12 percent of the company’s total sales revenue in the last quarter.


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