Social video platform Tiktok may build its new headquarters in London. Tiktok is in talks with the UK government in this regard. This was stated in a Reuters report citing a source aware of the matter. According to the report, Tiktok is taking this step to break ties with China. Tiktok is facing sanctions in many countries, including India, due to its ties to China. It is believed that Tiktok is adopting this new strategy to deal with the sanctions. 

Thoughts on the names of other cities

According to the source, Ticketcock is also considering names of other cities including London to build a new headquarters. However, no final decision has been taken on the name of any city yet. It is not yet clear which cities other than London are being named. But Tiktok has intensified hiring this year in California, the US. It also includes the name of Kevin Mayer, a former Walt Disney co-executive pouching. Meyer has been appointed Chief Executive of TickTock. 

Strict investigation is going on in america

Ticktock is facing severe scrutiny in the US due to its ties to China. The US suspects that China may put pressure on Tiktok to share users’ data. Tiktok is owned by the Chinese company BiteDance.

Estimates to increase workforce outside China

The source says that the company has been focusing on the US for the past several weeks. But there is also a lot of potential to build a new headquarters in London. The source predicts that Tiktok may increase the workforce to a significant size outside of China, including London, in other key locations in the coming years. 

Still going on

Recently, the Sunday Times had said in a report that Tiktok talks with the UK government regarding the creation of a global headquarters in London were broken. However, the source says that negotiations are still going on between the UK government and TickTalk. However, Ticketcock has not responded to this.

India banned 59 Chinese apps, including Tiktok

India has taken a tough stance on Chinese companies after the border dispute in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. The Indian government has banned 59 apps from Chinese companies, including Tiktok, WeChat.

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