The central government had banned 59 Chinese apps a few months ago due to national security. The government argued that Chinese apps share Indian data with the Chinese government. Since the ban of the Chinese app, the use of Chinese equipment in India has been worrying. In such a situation, now the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has also asked the telecom companies to be cautious in this matter. According to TRAI, telecom companies should take precaution regarding the use of Chinese equipment on a large scale and insist on the use of their home appliances. Should give. 

Use of home appliance is more important than strategic use   

TRAI has emphasized on increasing domestic production for ‘strategic’ reasons. Also, the advice is to reduce the use of Chinese equipment. TRAI Chairman RS Sharma said that India has become a major hub for mobile handset production. But this also needs to be done in the case of telecom equipment. It is a sensitive and central part of a strategically important telecommunications network. Sharma said that the regulator has already given detailed recommendations on the production of telecom equipment at the local level.

No decision yet on Huawei and ZTE ban 

Explain that this statement of the TRAI chief is very important, because due to security reasons at the global level, voice is being raised about not using Chinese devices in the telecom network. India is still assessing whether the giant Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE can be excluded from the upcoming 5G test. However, a final decision has not been made on this yet. Sharma said that it will be in the strategic interest of the country that we speed up the production process of telecom equipment domestically. 

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