Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is now planning to enter the new business. According to iFengNews, the company is set to make smart cars. Xiaomi has been interested in making electric cars for a long time. The company also invested in a Chinese electric car startup Xpeng in 2019 for its electric car project. For this, the company also has its own internal strategy team.

CEOs themselves can project leads
According to the report, Xiaomi’s current CEO Li Jun can lead it directly to the project. A few days ago, Huawei has also partnered with Hicar and BAIC to make smart cars. It is believed that the entry of Xiaomi in this segment can increase the difficulties of Huawei.

According to the report of Xiaomi CEO Elon Musk , according to the report, the company is also focusing on the smart car because the smartphone segment may be in a state of stagnation for some time. Electric cars are going to become increasingly popular in the coming times and demand is also increasing steadily. Xiaomi CEO Li Jun traveled to the US twice in 2013, aiming to meet Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It is believed that the outcome of this meeting can be seen in the coming days.

Demand for electric vehicles is also increasing in India, demand for electric vehicles has also increased in the
Indian market as well. Due to this, big companies like Tata and Mahindra have entered the market with their electric vehicles. According to the report, Apple is also working on an electric car. It is believed that this car is being built on the platform of Hyundai’s electric car.


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