Actress Deepika Kakkar Ibrahim celebrated her birthday on 6 August. Her birthday was very special and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim made the birthday special. Shoaib made special preparations on Deepika’s birthday.

Deepika and Shoaib have shared many videos of birthday celebrations on social media. Photos of Deepika’s birthday are viral on social media.

Shoaib Ibrahim shared the photo while kissing Deepika. While sharing the photo, he wrote- “I just wanted to make you happy. Because you are the reason for my happiness. Happy birthday Deepika.”

“I know that if I do anything, it will be less for you.” It was just a small effort to make your birthday special. Hope I lived up to the expectation. May Allah always be happy. ”

Apart from this, Shoaib has also shared a video. In the video, he is seen playing guitar and singing songs for Deepika. Sharing the video, Shoaib wrote – I am very happy that everything I had planned was successful and the birthday girl was very happy.

At the same time, Deepika wrote- ‘You did everything from getting me a pumper to an extra special feel. However, I never thought that you would step into the kitchen.

Thank you Shoaib for this beautiful cake you made. This is my most special from every birthday cake. This made my birthday super special. Deepika has also shared the photo of the cake.

You know that Deepika and Shoaib take care of each other a lot. Both share special bonds. His chemistry remains in the discussion among the fans.

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