There was also a lockdown in Mumbai because of Corona. Shooting also stopped. Out-of-home movement also stopped. But still everything was fine till the night of June 7. Sushant was living in the same house with his girlfriend Riya. Riya had been together for three months. But on the morning of June 8, a sudden news comes that Sushant suddenly gets upset. Then Riya and Sushant fight. And Riya leaves Sushant’s house with all her belongings.

7 June 2020

Everything was fine until that night. Sushant Singh Rajput was quite normal in his house. His girlfriend Riya Chakraborty had been living in this house with him since March. Due to the lock down, the shooting was closed and coming out was also closed. All three of Sushant’s friends and their friends lived on the ground floor of the house, while Sushant and Riya lived on the first floor.

8 June 2020

Early in the morning, Sushant learns that his former secretary Disha Salian has committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor of a society in Janakalyan Nagar in Malad. Both Sushant and Riya knew the direction well. Rather Riya was the one to introduce the direction to Sushant. When Disha committed suicide, her fiance was with her. Sushant was surprised by the news of Disha’s suicide.

After receiving news of Disha’s death, the atmosphere of the house suddenly changes. There is a fight between Riya and Sushant. Then in the afternoon, Riya, who had been living with Sushant for the last three months, leaves her house with her luggage. She goes on saying that it will never come again. Not only this, she also blocks Sushant’s number as soon as he leaves the house. Former secretary’s suicide and Riya’s quarrel leave the house and upset Sushant. Sushant calls his sister Mitu who lives in Mumbai. Meetu explains Sushant and tries to recover from this shock on the phone.

9 June 2020

In the morning, news of Sushant’s former secretary’s suicide was also published in newspapers. Sushant was also named in the news. Sushant gets more upset. Let’s call Meetu. Seeing Mitu’s brother upset, she reaches Sushant’s house. During this, Sushant tells Meitu all the things about his quarrel with Riya. Disha’s death and Riya’s quarrel with the house make Sushant extremely upset.

Seeing Sushant upset, Mitu talks to her sister Shweta who lives in America. She also tells him about Disha’s suicide and Riya’s quarrel. After knowing this, Shweta WhatsApp to Sushant on the night of 9 June from America. And asks Sushant to come to America with him. Sushant answers this Shweta’s Whats app on the morning of 10 June. And writes that I also feel very much. Shweta herself has shared the screen shot of this Whats app chat.

12 June 2020

After staying with Sushant for three days, Mitu, explaining to his brother, returns to his home. Actually, Meetu’s children are small, so it was necessary to go to the children too. And before leaving, Mitu understood Sushant well.

14 June 2020

But two days after Meetu’s departure, Sushant’s corpse is found hanging from the fan in his bedroom on the afternoon of 14 June. Sushant’s first call was made to Meetu when he did not open the door of the room. Meetu ran to the house and then in front of Mitu, the locksman opened the door of the room.

The secret was hidden between 8 June and 14 June

That is, the real truth of the story of Sushant’s death was hidden between June 8 and June 14. Which started with the suicide of the former secretary. So did Disha’s suicide become the reason for Sushant’s death? Or leaving Riya’s house after Disha’s suicide? So to understand this truth, it is important to understand once again the whole story of June 8, that is, the day of suicide.

Disha was the former secretary of Sushant. She used to work in a company that used to see the work of celebrities. Through Riya, that company sent Disha as the manager of Sushant. But later, for some reason, Disha left the company. As soon as he left the company, Disha’s contract with Sushant also ended automatically. Now the direction had nothing to do with Sushant.

To understand the story of June 8, it is necessary to read these lines of FIR written by Sushant’s father in Patna. Actually, even though the FIR was written by Sushant’s father, Mitu had told this to his father on June 8 in the FIR. From 9 June to 12 June, when Mitu was at her house with Sushant, Sushant had told Meetu many times that he was afraid that Riya might not implicate him in the suicide of Disha. Sushant was most worried about this.

Now the question is, why did Riya Chakraborty want to implicate Sushant in the direction of suicide? However, according to the Mumbai Police report, in the case of Disha’s suicide, the family of Disha never raised any doubt. What came out in the investigation of the police was that Disha and her company had taken the advance for the shoot from some celebrities. These money was to be returned to them. Disha was unable to return the money. And for this reason she was upset. Police believe that this was the reason behind the suicide of Disha.

Then why was Sushant afraid of being implicated in Disha’s death? So according to sources, this fear was instilled in Riya by Sushanta. In fact, Riya and Sushant had several fights during the three-month stay in the lock-down. But then the quarrel was resolved. But after the death of Disha on 8 June, this quarrel increased. After this, Riya left all her belongings along with Sushant’s many papers and other belongings. Sushant’s family alleges that Sushant’s treatment papers were also in these papers. On whose help Riya was threatening that by giving these papers to the media, she would call him crazy. Then he will not give any work even in films.

Sushant knew Riya for almost seven years. The two first met in 2013 in a studio in Mumbai. Sushant Yash Raj was then shooting for the film’s pure desi romance. While Riya Chakraborty was shooting for my dad’s Maruti film in the same studio. After this, both met at some film parties. But then Sushant was living in live-in with Ankita Lokhande.

After the breakup with Ankita, at the end of 2018, Sushant and Riya come close for the first time. After this, pictures of both of them start coming together. That is, the relationship between Sushant and Riya is about one and a half years old. But a strange thing happened that Sushant’s film graph started falling from 2019, just few months after Riya’s life. Films of big budgets and big banners started going hand-in-hand, and it was at this time that Sushant had to go to a psychiatrist after Riya’s life for the first time.

Actually, Riya did not come in Sushant’s life alone. Riya’s mother Sandhya Chakraborty, father Indrajit Chakraborty, brother Souvik Chakraborty and Riya’s special friend Samial Miranda were also constantly around Sushant. Even Riya and her brother were included as directors in the company that Sushant opened in 2019 itself.

Sushant and Riya were also going to get married this year. But due to Corona, the marriage was postponed. Sushant’s father himself said that the last time he had a conversation with Sushant, Sushant had said that he would marry in February March next year. Now the question is that when the matter had reached the marriage, then what happened between Riya and Sushant, due to which the sword is hanging on Riya till the arrest today.

According to the accusations of Sushant’s father and sister, Riya came into Sushant’s life only and only to pursue money and film career. As soon as he arrived, Sushant became a patient of depression within a year. Bank balance is almost over. But there was another reason why Riya was scared. Till March, Sushant and Riya’s life was going well.

But from March to June 8, when the two were living together, the quarrel starts from there. During this, Sushant had started chatting with old girlfriend Ankita Lokhande again. Sushant used to share his problems with Ankita. Riya had also been aware of this conversation between Sushant and Ankita while staying together. According to sources, in order to stop the conversation with Ankita, Riya had changed many of Sushant’s mobile numbers.

Meanwhile, Riya was putting another pressure on Sushant. The pressure was to get him the role of lead heroine in his films. Otherwise, refuse to do the film. Riya had also pressured Sushant to open a company and invest money in it. But Sushant wanted to get away from the film industry into the organic farming profession. Riya was also angry at this thing. Riya also feared that Sushant would not return to Ankita again. All these things had severely damaged their relationship. So bad that on 8 June Riya left forever leaving Sushant and exactly six days after that on 14 June Sushant left the world.


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