Every day we see actors on our television screens making a place in our hearts by bringing their natural acting to life in familiar situations. But have you thought what is going on in his mind while doing such a difficult and emotional scene? In such a situation, television actor Amar Mehta, who plays Vyas ji in the TV show ‘Kurbaan Hua’, revealed the reality of her acting in such difficult scenes.

Ayaam Mehta remembered her late father told how acting with the help of real events

“In our work and talent, we often have to be completely molded into that character so that we can impress the audience with that scene, acting means a character has to live,” says Ayaam Mehta.

Incident related to the scene of sacrifice

Ayaam recalled the moment when he had to shoot a sequence of death for ‘sacrifice’. “We recently shot a sequence of the show, in which my daughter Saraswati dies and as her father, I get emotional trauma. My character is stunned and neither does her Tears are not able to come out and neither is he able to express sorrow.

I connect Sean to my personal events

The scene required real emotion and I got involved in a personal incident at that moment when I was quite young and my father had died. Like my character in the show, I was also emotionally shocked at that time and I could not express my feelings in the way that other people did. Recalling that difficult time helped me play this scene better. “

Personal experience matters a lot

He adds, “Sometimes we are not able to relate difficult scenes to our lives but still you have to imagine as if this tragedy really happened to you and then your true feelings come out. As we also have to learn that such scenes do not affect us, otherwise they can affect you personally. It is important to be aware that all these feelings are only for one scene. “

Apart from TV shows, Aamer Mehta has also appeared in films like Padmavat and A Vensade. These days, the actor is seen in ZEETV show Kurbaan Hua. The show has been launched in February this year. Shooting of the show has started in the current week itself. There are also reports that the makers are shooting at the artist’s house.

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