The date of Bhoomi Pujan for the construction of Ram temple has come to a close. The list of guests who are to be called for the Bhoomi Pujan program has also been finalized. Sadhvi Uma Bharti, the former Union Minister and the National Vice President of the Bharatiya Janata Party, who will be the main face of the temple movement, will also participate in Bhoomi Pujan on 5 August.

Uma Bharti has given this information by tweeting. He has said that senior officials of the Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas have directed that they should reach Ayodhya by the evening of 4 August. I have to stay in Ayodhya till 6 August. Uma Bharti has also told that she had just gone to Ayodhya on 30 June.

How did the Ram temple movement gain momentum? Uma Bharti has also shared her experiences about this. Uma Bharti has told that when she was 28 years old, she became a member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) guiding board in June 1990.

Sheshnag of gold, silver turtle… What will be there in the Bhoomi Poojan of Ram temple?

He has said that Karseva was announced at the Ram Janmabhoomi meeting on October 31, and the VHP called for the entire country to reach Ayodhya for Karseva. LK Advani also announced the Rath Yatra, then as the tide of Ram Bhakti arrived in the whole country. According to Uma Bharti, he along with Vijayaraje Scindia was arrested from Chitrakoot and taken to Banda, where he was kept with 50 thousand kar sevaks.

Ayodhya had escaped from jail at midnight

He has further written that the entire Banda Nagar was considered a jail. He was converted to the PWD guest house in jail. According to Uma Bharti, the evening of October 31 saw the news of thousands of kar sevaks breaking their curfews to reach Ayodhya, Ashok Singhal being injured and Vasudev Halwai hoisting the saffron flag. I began to feel uneasy that all those who roamed all over the country reached Ayodhya. Made plans to escape from jail and turned his head and left for Ayodhya with elder brother Swami Prasad Lodhi at 12 o’clock in the night.

Ayodhya was a delight, how are preparations going before Bhoomi Pujan, see photos

Uma Bharti, one of the prominent faces of the Ram Mandir movement, has said that she reached Maniram Das Cantonment at 8.00 am. There was police, barrier, curfew was imposed all the way. There were so many security arrangements in Ayodhya that even Parinda could not be killed. She further states that on 2 November 1990, preparations were made for Karseva. Thousands of karsevaks started marching through the Janaki cottage towards Hanumangarhhi, towards Ram Janmabhoomi. Ashok Singhal told him to stay with the batch.

There was a scary scene everywhere

According to Uma Bharti, there was a fierce struggle near the police station just before Hanumangarhi, in which thousands of people were injured, including herself. They were arrested and kept in the police station of Ayodhya. It was in the police station that he got information from Maniram Das Cantonment about the other path of kar sevaks to Ram Janmabhoomi. Some karsevaks were also killed in a clash with the police. There was a scary scene everywhere. He was first taken to Faizabad, then to Naini Jail. Where Kalyan Singh and Kalraj Mishra were already closed.

Arrested with Advani-Joshi

Uma Bharti said, after a few days all of them were released and sent to Delhi. Elections were held and VP Singh at the center, Mulayam Singh’s government in the state fell. Kalyan Singh became the Chief Minister in UP in the year 1991. This issue became the main point of politics everywhere from Parliament. She has further written that after taking initiation of renunciation on 17 November, she reached Ayodhya on 1 December on the call of Ashok Singhal. She returned to Delhi on 7 and on 8 December she was arrested along with LK Advani and Murali Manohar Joshi.


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