World Blood Donor Day is observed every year on 14 June. From 2004, the World Health Organization started celebrating World Blood Donor Day on this day. Since then, every year this day is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day. On the same day, Carl Landsteiner, the famous scientist who gave information to the world about blood groups, was also born. Blood donation is called Mahadan. The reason for celebrating this day is that people should be made aware about blood donation. Many experts call it necessary to donate blood. Donating blood has many benefits. Let’s know why it is important to donate blood.
World Blood Donor Day 2020: Why is it important to donate blood? Know the benefits of donating blood

  • Why is blood donation important

It is very important to donate blood. Blood donation will make blood available in blood banks. Blood stored in a blood bank can be used if needed. By donating blood, we can save the life of a person, as well as donating blood is also beneficial for our body. Let’s know the benefits of blood donation.

  • The amount of iron in the body is good

By donating blood, the amount of iron in the body remains fine. Every healthy person should donate blood. If you are healthy, you will benefit from donating blood, not harm.

  • Beneficial for heart

Donating blood is beneficial for the heart. It has been claimed in many researches that donating blood can overcome heart related problems.

  • The risk of diseases like cancer decreases

By donating blood, the amount of iron in the body remains under control. If the amount of iron in the body is high then dangerous diseases like cancer can occur. Donating blood regularly reduces the risk of diseases like cancer.

  • Lose weight

Donating blood also reduces weight. But blood donation should be done at regular intervals. According to doctors, a healthy person should donate blood every three months.

  • Relieves mental stress

Donating blood relieves mental stress. You must be thinking how? We explain to you this example. If you donate blood then many people will get new life from that blood. You will be happy to help someone. Being happy relieves mental stress.

  • Immune system is strong

A research has claimed that donating blood every three months strengthens the immune system. If your immune system will be strong, then you will stay away from many diseases.


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