Child labor is a major problem in india. Although it is a problem for the whole world, it is a big challenge for everyone to get rid of it. Despite all the efforts being made at the government-social level, this formidable problem is not controlled. Most countries have banned child labor in their own homes, despite their children being openly wagered. But at most of tea shops or small and big hotels, a large number of children work there. After all, why is this situation not improved even after efforts by various countries to control child labor?

World Day Against Child Labor: We all have the responsibility to save childhood not only the government

However, a national policy needs to be put in place to stop child labor. Most of the poor in a developing country like India are forced to heat up in the fire of child labor to eradicate hunger. The sad fact is that even today children are not counted in political and social priorities. There are also reports that the local administration does not extend the benefits of welfare schemes for children. This is worrying.

A recent UNICEF report says that more than 10 million economically backward children in India are employed. These children are used as cheap workers. People keep these children on low wages, but take work as much as the elders. Duty and morality are called for in our country. But in the midst of all this an evil like child labor is open. Why do we turn our eyes away when we see a child working on the road? Why do we cover the social responsibility of our part at that time. People will have to come forward at the social level to prevent this problem. Wherever children are seen working, complain to the local administration.

It is often heard in the news that physical exploitation of children is being done in cities. We have to understand why evil like child labor is promoted. In fact, small and young children are easily available for cheap daily wages. To make up for this, human trafficking gangs target children the most. India’s position in terms of child labor is terrible compared to other countries. Child trafficking is taking a terrible form. The sad thing is that most children of India are also deprived of their legal rights. As a right, they should be thoroughly vaccinated to prevent various diseases, which still has a large number of children deprived. It is not only the government, but all of us, who are responsible for saving the lives of young people.


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