Like every year, on June 21 this year, International Yoga Day will be celebrated in countries around the world. However, on the occasion of Yoga Day due to the coronavirus Pandemic, which has spread in many countries this year, people have been appealed to do yoga with their families while staying at home. Because of this, the theme of Yoga Day 2020 is also the same. Stay at home and do yoga with family.

Yoga Day 2020: Send this message to your friends and family on Yoga Day

Actually, Yoga Day started in 2015 and this year the sixth Yoga Day is being celebrated all over the world. In such a situation, do not forget to give Yoga Day Messages to your friends and send them these Yoga Day messages.

  • Morning or evening, every day do yoga will not close ever have any disease Happy Yoga Day.
  • Yoga is not a religion, it is a science; it is the science of welfare, the science of youth is the science
    of connecting body, mind and soul. Happy Yoga Day
  • Do regular yoga, stay away from disease throughout your life Happy Yoga Day
  • Health Life Living Life’s Deposit Capital Yoga is the key to disease-free life Happy Yoga Day
  • Yoga is beneficial for health. Yoga is beneficial for disease-free life. Happy Yoga Day
  • Want to live a disease-free life. Put habit of doing regular yoga. Happy Yoga Day
  • Change yourself, the world will change and happiness will be blossomed every day with Yoga Happy Yoga Day
  • Do what yoga does, do not touch it. Become a yogi, become pure, make life meaningful. Happy Yoga Day
  • Do yoga, get rid of diseases everyday, and live Happy Yoga Day
  • Yoga is the philosophy of life that connects a human being with his soul Happy Yoga Day


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